The Sierra Club: Lower Peaks Committee, Sierra Peaks Section, San Diego County, Hundred Peaks Section, and Desert Peaks Section Peak Lists and SOTA (Summits On The Air) California summits.

The official lists can be found here:

Lower Peaks:

Hundred Peaks:

San Diego County Peaks:



Pink Markers: Sierra Club Hundred Peaks Section (HPS) Peak List.

Orange Markers: Sierra Club Lower Peaks Committ (LPC) Peak List.

Dark Green Markers: Sierra Club San Diego County Peaks List.

White Markers: Sierra Club Desert Peak Section Peaks List.

Cyan and purple Markers: Sierra Club Sierra Peaks Section Peaks List. Purple markers depict SPS Emblem peaks.

Yellow Markers: Peaks previously included on HPS or LPC lists but currently de-listed for various reasons (Fire Closure, Private Property, Too Remote, Drive up, etc.) Included for historical reference.

Green Markers: Peaks from one of the above lists hiked since starting this blog.

Clicking on a peak marker will display a popup with links for that peak. Links may include photos, tracks, guides, videos or other pertinent information for that peak.


Sierra Club and SOTA Peaks Combined Map

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